Blue Lagoon. Should you go?

You hear Iceland is a beautiful country filled with endless roads that lead to countless waterfalls, ginormous mountains and breathtaking landscapes. In early October, the team and I found ourselves road tripping through the south and witnessing exactly that. So we ended our trip with a well deserved visit at the famous geothermal spa, Blue Lagoon.

We were aware that alot of geothermal spas are available and at a much lower price than here, but we just had to see what all the hype was about and couldn’t give it a miss on our itinerary. Is it a tourist trap? Is it worth the hype? I feel like its something every tourist might as well experience at least once before they give it a complete miss! But to help you make a decision, here are 5 things you need to know:

1. How much is it?

There are 3 packages to choose from and the price range varies for each one. Our group went with the Comfort Package (ISK6,990/£45) which includes your entry, a towel, use of the silica mud mask and a drink of your choice at the bar. If you want slippers, a bathrobe, 2 mud masks and table reservations at the Lava Restaurant, then you can go for the Premium Package (ISK 9,900/£63) or even better, the Retreat Spa (ISK 29,500/£186) with everything mentioned with a private area to enjoy the lagoon and its facilities.

Tip: Don’t forget to pre-book online to avoid any disappointments!

2. Despite all the horror stories about needing to shower completely naked – you don’t!

As you walk inside the building, you are greeted by friendly staff who take care of your booking, hand you your towel and a blue wristband to gain access to the the lagoon. With the first two package options, you will be using the public changing rooms and showers. Yes, there are staff there who do tell you that you must shower without a swimsuit on, but there are also quite a few closed stalls available to use if you’re uncomfortable. So you still have some privacy, but if you accidentally flash anyone, they won’t care, don’t worry!

Tip: Visit as early as possible! We booked ours for 8am so queues, showers and lockers was all a smooth process.

3. You’re actually in a lava field!

Even though there are many natural geothermal spas around Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is actually a man-made one. The rock walls create a beautiful atmostphere that keep you connected with its natural aesthetic. Very instagrammable – no doubt! The warm water is pumped into the lagoon from a nearby geothermal power station which is very rich in minerals, such as sulfur and silica which is what results in the famous milky waters.  The smell of sulphur isn’t as pungent as you might imagine.

4.  Its freezing cold when you’re not in the water!

After all, you’re in Iceland right?! Okay so you’re showered and ready to indulge in the heated milky waters. You expect an elegant luxury experience right? Not quite yet! Get ready to be hit by a wave of freezing cold air while you hang your towel and run your little legs into the lagoon to warm you up.

Ahhhhhh heaven!! Once you’re snuggled up in the water, the temperature gets to around 37-45’C so its more than warm enough to relax and enjoy your time there. Since the water is pumped in, there are hotspots around the lagoon that receive warmer temperatures than others so definitely explore to find that sweet spot for you.

Even though the lagoon gets booked out, it won’t feel crowded once you’re in. There were definitely a lot of people but there was more than enough room for personal space!

Tip: As everyone recommends, tie your hair up! While the minerals in the water is good for your skin, your hair will disagree. Use lots of conditioner before and after to help keep it healthy. If you do get your hair wet though, give it a week or so and all should be well!

5. Facilities available at the Blue Lagoon

With the comfort package, we got complimentary mud masks and a drink of our choice at the bar during our visit.

Included in the price is the standard Silica Mud Mask which we smeared across our faces for 15 minutes – this is supposed to hold many healthy minerals and work their magic on your skin. But there are many other masks available to use at an added price if you would like. With other price packages, there are also private changing rooms, an exclusive lounge and other amenities available.

So to sum it all up in one paragraph – yes! You should go! The hot, milky waters, silica mud masks, free drinks and the beautiful atmosphere is more than enough reason to experience this place! Plus it makes for a great Instagram! If you’re on a budget and don’t care for an aesthetically pleasing location, any other geothermal spa in the country will do – but tbf, the whole of Iceland is aesthetically on point, so take your pic!

I hope this helped you decide whether to add it on your itinerary or not! If you have any questions about anything I did or didn’t mention, ask away below!

– grace x