Pumkin to talk about Great British Carve Off

Orange you glad that it’s almost time for Halloween?! In the spirit of this spooky occasion, we decided to hold our own little Great British Pumpkin Carve-Off! Our competitors were, Paolo, Hanna, Grace and last but not least, the guest of honour, Megan. All fighting for the prize of Hatchimals Toy, a Magazine and of course, the title of Carving Champion 2018.

We were all Carving Rookies before this event, without any pumpkin training or experience whatsoever. Even choosing our pumpkins took a good 20 mins!  Despite all of this, we managed to PUMP through the struggles, CUT OUT all the worries and doubts and CREATE the best pumpkin designs of our lives! Take a look at our photo diary and video to judge for yourself.

We are proud to announce that the WINNER for this year’s Great British Carve Off 2018 is… MEGAN!!!

Congratulations to all the competitors!!! Till next year!

Happy Halloween!