Master of Romance?

If we were having a discussion about our favourite shows on Netflix, Master of None would most definitely be high up there on my list. I thoroughly enjoyed seasons one & two (and eagerly ? await more) and found it spoke to the ‘millennial’ in me (rolls eyes) plus it’s set in New York City. I love how each episode is centered (sp?) around a different aspect of young adulthood; maintaining communication with friends & family, casual racism, religion and of course, dating & relationships. Especially in this digital age.

After watching the series (multiple times) I learned that Aziz Ansari (show creator and centre character) actually based the show off a book he wrote titled “Modern Romance: An Investigation” which looks to see how technology and the internet have affected modern love and relationships.

Here are some of the takeaways I got from the book:

Master of Romance

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

“Finding someone today is probably more complicated & stressful than it was for previous generations – but you’re also more likely to end up with someone you’re really excited about.”

“People from our parents/grandparents usually just met & married someone who was in close proximity (same area) – now that we have the internet, that geographical boundary has pretty much vanished.”

Master of Romance

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

“The ‘wait game’ – Hella annoying. He took 10 minutes to reply so i’m gonna wait 15/20 minutes to reply and so forth.”

“Uncertainty is created when someone doesn’t reply to our messages. This has been found to lead to strong romantic attraction – we want more of what’s scarce.”

We all have our phones with us – just don’t want to seem keen or too eager.

“We’re (millennials) also marrying later. Going through this new life phase ’emerging adulthood’. This ‘post-education, finding our footing with work’ era where we’re exploring all these dating options. Trying to figure out what it is we want (whilst having fun & embracing youth).”

“Back then people settled for companionate love; someone who’s a decent human being, has a job, isn’t a murderer. Because of our vast range we’re looking for our soulmate; looking for a much deeper connection.”

“We are no longer the generation of the “good-enough” marriage. We are now looking for our soulmates.”

“Today, if you own a smartphone, you’re carrying a 24-7 singles bar in your pocket” ~ caption of a photo?

“With so many romantic options, instead of trying to explore them all make sure you properly invest in people and give them a fair chance before moving on.

  • Go on more fifth dates than first

Even though I’ve pretty much given you a rundown of the entire book I would definitely recommend reading – it’s a funny, light and an incredibly easy read.

(also if anyone’s wondering about my book review notepad, it was a gift but can be found here:) )