For Everything, A Reason

For Everything, A Reason

Throwing your fears away.

Earlier in June, I went on a gorgeous long weekend away to the French Reviera with HannaPaolo and our friend Karyen. We stayed in the beautiful and vibrant Vielle Ville or Old Town in Nice. Although it was a quick trip, we managed to pack in quite a few unforgettable memories visiting Cannes, Antibes and Saint Paul de Vence. (Click their names to read more about our adventure!)

On a normal day, I’m your regular laid back, goofy gal – but rest assured, I do have a grounded, sensitive side as well. So for this particular post, I want to touch on just one small detail from the trip which happened on the first night we arrived. After a long day of walking through the quaint streets of Old Town, we headed to the beach front and sat down on the rocks, right on the edge of the beautiful iridescent waters. Wine in one hand, cheese and crackers on the other, we took in the sunset in all its glory.

Each of us took turns trying to skip rocks against the waves…Karyen was enjoying that “plop” sound the rocks would make with an overhead throw in the sea. Haha. Anyway, the atmosphere quickly turned from being so gassed off the view, to being sat in silence and completely at peace. It was then that it totally hit me…

Maybe it was just us talking about our lives or about future adventures ahead – but a wave of emotion came over me. I found the confidence to be fearless. For me, my fear was always being uncertain of the outcome of situations. I think it’s called erratophobia. A have this fear of making significant mistakes in the future, not being able to fulfil my potential and ultimately letting myself down. In relationships, careers and daily life, choosing the safer option was always my best bet. I realised maybe, my biggest mistake was choosing the safer option. So I picked up another rock, metaphorically packing all these fears in this tiny symbol of nature and told myself to just let go. By allowing myself to make mistakes, I allow myself to learn. The key is to embrace every opportunity and keep going.

Whether it ends in failure…each experience is a triumph in its own way. Everything happens for a reason, right? How you react to these experiences will make you who you are. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to pick yourself back up again. Acknowledge what was, and take control of what is. There is no doubt that we will have our down days, but we must champion the good days too. They say “focus on the positives blah blah blah” but its true!! All the cliches are the secret to success.  I’ve come across people who share the same goals as me, and I can tell you, some will deter you away from it, and some will stick by you through it all. Learn from others and absorb all the positivity you can get to fuel that fire to succeed and make yourself proud.

Everyone has their own fears. The team has written a few words on their fears and how they overcome it:

“I’ve always over analysed and done too much risk assessment on opportunities, a fear of taking the leap. What I’ve learnt however is how much energy that expends, that you end up missing the chance to take the challenge on completely. So now in a sense, whenever a good opportunity arises, I like to take that leap regardless of difficulty, since all I have is experience to gain and nothing to lose at all.” – Paolo

“I’m naturally a really shy person. Before, I used to fear speaking up, meeting new people and getting out of my comfort zone. The longer I think about doing something, the less likely I am to do it. Now, the way I combat this is, I count myself down to 5 secs – like a rocket that blasts off! I just go for it. Less time to over think and worry. I realise by doing this I don’t miss out of any chances and I have more courage and confidence to be my true self.” – Hanna

“I used to fear making new friends but you quickly realise that life without friends can turn lonely. So you’ve got to put yourself out there and just be open.” – Leonard

“If you’re scared, you can’t see beauty. Fear kills your ability to see beauty. You have to get beyond fear, back to a comfortable space before you can even start looking around. Fear ruins life” – Will Smith (Bonus from Will Smith’s Family Vacation vlog)

So, here’s a rock – throw your fears away and go for it! Whether it’s a big decision or a small everyday one – you’ll be surprised at what unexpected adventures are there to be had.

And most of all, enjoy the journey!

Until next time xo

p.s. Please feel free to leave a comment on how you overcome your fear, I would love to read about it!

p.p.s I’m no professional by any means, everything written here is my own personal opinion unless stated otherwise.