Favourite 2018 Podcasts

We all get information from somewhere; books, TV, websites, you name it. There’s such a huge variety of methods of consumption and one of my favourite ways is by listening to podcasts.

Every now and again I need a change from just listening to music on my journeys or during my downtime and thankfully found a fondness towards podcasts.

Here are a few of the podcasts that I discovered last year that had fascinating and thought provoking conversations.

Life After the Letters

Dr. Amile & Dr Suba are two junior doctors who met on their first job post-medical school outside London. Documenting the lessons and experiences they’ve had as they begin their respective careers. As someone who is in no way, shape or form medically inclined this is a great insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of medical school, the NHS and traversing life as a British doctor.

Favourite Episode (by a long shot) : S1 E5 – Doctors Have Anxiety Too

Over the Bridge

Bilal, Kwaku, Patrick and Tom are four young black and mixed race guys who talk about what life was (and is) like before, during and after being students at Cambridge University. Conversations range from discussing current living situations to understanding whether or not Britain is ‘less racist’ than other nations.

Favourite episode : S2E4 – Black Excellence with Baker (Baker confirming his place to study medicine at Cambridge University)

The Faith Angle

Dubbed as ‘a survival guide for the faithful in Trump’s America‘ lies the Faith Angle; a podcast hosted by CNN & The Atlantic journalists Kirsten Powers and Jonathan Merritt. This is full of discussion on the role faith plays into the current American political climate. Things sometimes get heated and the pair don’t shy away from the important and challenging conversations. Gun regulation, Race, The Pope and more are all discussed and debated.

Favourite Episode: S1E7 – Does Christianity Have A Masculinity Problem?

The Faith Angle Podcast

So those are just a few of the podcasts that I enjoyed last year, what are some of your favourites that have blown you away? Let me know!