You had me at hello. The You Had Me At blog is a communal blog between a group of friends, where they aim to share each others wealth of information and experience to the rest of the world. From Travel and Life Experiences to their favourite food trips and so much more.

Meet the Team

Meet the lovely bunch behind the You Had Me At Team.



I'm a Web developer and I actually thoroughly enjoy coding, I built the theme for this Blog! I love taking photos and videos as a hobby, and maybe one day profit from it. I love to work out whenever I feel motivated. Expect Travel videos and photography posts from me maybe!

Ideal Destination: Hawaii, or any where with a beach.

Favourite Food: Anything sweet, I have a really sweet tooth.

Fashion Tip: Undo at least 3 buttons on your shirt. Flaunt that chest lol.

Lifestyle Favourite: CFG: Coding, Filming and Gyming.




I'm pretty certain I belong in the sea as I love to swim! I love to travel the world whenever I can, I love baking and playing the piano, as well as practicing many other talents. I love my style and I enjoy creating many different outfits, expect blog posts on Fashion, Travel, and much more!

Ideal Destination: Korea and China, or anywhere I'd be able to swim.

Favourite Food: I loooooooove spicy food and Dimsum.

Fashion Tip: Less is more, and I also like to wear hats!

Lifestyle Favourite: Playing the Piano and Studio Ghibli movies.




I'm an Ice cream and Sweetcorn enthusiast, not sure about those two items together though. Like everyone here, I love to Travel and take pictures when I do! I enjoy and appreciate good music. You may see posts from me from all categories, particularly Travel!

Ideal Destination: I'd love to explore Asia, and anywhere I can drive a Tesla.

Favourite Food: I can literally eat anything, Sweetcorn is up there though.

Fashion Tip: Buttoned shirts are a favourite, both smart and casual.

Lifestyle Favourite: I like to workout, listen to music and watch Netflix




I love to bring out my creative side and create!  I design many things and I currently have a company called Amiteas that have my Bubbletea designs! I enjoy doing calligraphy, and I share videos once in a while. You may see a couple of DIY posts, Travel and Lifestyle posts from me.

Ideal Destination: Machu Pichu, Peru. I'd love to witness it.

Favourite Food: CINNAMON BUNS, and nothing spicy.

Fashion Tip: Never leave the house without Lipgloss.

Lifestyle Favourite: Art, Calligraphy and taking naps.