Grace here!

So when I was asked if I wanted to start a blog with my friends, I didn't know if I could write about anything even remotely interesting. I just knew there was no way I was turning it down.

I mean, it's like having a grown up tumblr account. I freaking loved tumblr!  I used to write about anything my little heart desired - from music to relationships, to dreaming and life in general with absolutely no judgement.

It's time to bring that back. You'll find that there's quite a few layers to me, but I ultimately want my posts to represent who this little speckle is in this giant world of ours!

So welcome to my all new (a little more) grown up version of blogs - an overflow of all things Grace. You'll find me mostly under the Lifestyle and Food categories, but may dabble in Travel and Fashion as well ūüėČ

Have a little scroll!

Turo Turo

Turo Turo is a barbeque street food stall which specialises in Filipino chicken inasal.

Check out our video below or read on for more info.

Recently, Filipino food has been making its dishes more familiar throughout London and we are so here for it!

With the perfect weather in London, it was the perfect time to get some Filipino food in our bellies!


Their signature dish is the famous Chicken Inasal.

This Filipino staple is a delicious barbecued boneless thigh with a vinegar and lemongrass glaze, along with pickled carro...

Blue Lagoon - should you go?

You hear Iceland is a beautiful country filled with endless roads that lead to countless waterfalls, ginormous mountains and breathtaking landscapes. In early October, the team and I found ourselves road tripping through the south and witnessing exactly that. So we ended our trip with a well deserved visit at the famous geothermal spa, Blue Lagoon.

We were aware that alot of geothermal spas are available and at a much lower price than here, but we just had to see what all the hype was about and couldn't give it a miss on our itinerary. Is it a tourist trap? Is it worth t...

Vegan Nights

Every first Thursday of every month, an event called Vegan Nights takes place in East London's Brick Lane. This time around, pink carpets were laid out at the entrance of the venue to celebrate their 1st ever birthday!

Despite not being vegan, I brought the crew along to show them what life was like on the other side. Without a doubt, this event showed us just how versatile and delicious these vegan flavours can be. Check out the video Paolo put together!

We started off with the King himself at Cook Daily where a queue ha...

For Everything, A Reason
    For Everything, A Reason   Throwing your fears away.     Earlier in June, I went on a gorgeous long weekend away to the French Reviera¬†with¬†Hanna,¬†Paolo¬†and our friend Karyen.¬†We stayed in the beautiful and vibrant Vielle Ville or Old Town in Nice. Although it was a quick trip, we managed to pack in quite a few unforgettable memories¬†visiting Cannes, Antibes and Saint Paul de Vence.¬†(Click their names to read more about our adventure!) On a normal day, I'm y...