The Wheel Deal: Wheelcake Island

Something new and exciting just ROLLED into London town. Straight from Taiwan, let me introduce you to Wheelcake Island. 

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The Wheelcake is a popular street food snack and dessert most famous in Taiwan, as well as in Japan (known as Imagawayaki). They are super soft, moist, fluffy pancakes with creamy fillings of a variety of flavours.

Wheelcake Island offers a mix of traditional and popular flavours including Azuki beans (red beans), Chocolate, Vanilla custard and Matcha. Our favourite is the Chocolate + Custard combo! It is divine! Served to you hot and fresh, these little cakes will definitely SPIN your head around.

Now it’s your TURN to try. Take a bite of the fluffy pancake and into the delicious filling inside.  #wheelygood

You can find Wheelcake Island in Old Spitalfields Market.

Its open 7 days a week  10-6PM and till 5PM on Sundays. Visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

Go on, it’s time treat yourself to some Wheelcakes!