Turo Turo


Turo Turo is a barbeque street food stall which specialises in Filipino chicken inasal.

Check out our video below or read on for more info.


Recently, Filipino food has been making its dishes more familiar throughout London and we are so here for it!

With the perfect weather in London, it was the perfect time to get some Filipino food in our bellies!

Their signature dish is the famous Chicken Inasal.

This Filipino staple is a delicious barbecued boneless thigh with a vinegar and lemongrass glaze, along with pickled carrot atchara on the side. We would have loved to pick up a bit more of the char and tangy flavours in the chicken but overall a nice combination!


Along with the Inasal, a vegetarian option is also on the menu. The Charred Talong was definitely my personal favourite!

I really enjoyed the taste of the aubergine, which was generously glazed in peanut garlic soy.

Together with tomato salsa, fried tofu and again, sided with some pickled atchara, it was a sufficiently solid dish overall.

The third item on their menu was the Pork Tocino. A definite Filipino favourite! This is pork belly, marinated with a pineapple soy glaze, which comes with tomato salsa and pickled cucumber.

Pork tocino is usually included in a traditional Filipino breakfast, but being in London and away from the homeland, I’d say its acceptable to have this dish at any time of day! Pagbigyan naman! 

Thank you for having us Chef Rex! We are so proud of all the Filipinos representing here in London and the UK and we’re here to support you guys, always! Keep hustling and we’ll see you around for sure! MABUHAY!


Follow TuroTuro on social media: @TuroTuroLdn or visit their website: www.turoturo.co.uk