Ramo Ramen

If you thought you knew Ramen, and if you thought you’ve tasted all the Filipino Fusion Food there is in London, then get ready for this Ramen to not only blow your mind, but also your taste buds! Even better, its also Halal! From the creators and brilliant minds of Kentish Towns best eats; Bintang, Mamasons and Guanabana, we’re proud to have experienced their brand new creation: RAMO RAMEN

You can find Ramo Ramen at 157 Kentish Town Road. Its interior is decked out with clean designs that equally portray its Japanese and Filipino identity, matching that of the philosophy of the food served at the restaurant.s

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Starting with the Starters, we were overwhelmed with joy when they brought out the Spicy Miso Maple Wings, Karaage Chicken in Toyomansi and  Prito Pusit. Filipino starters like we’d never seen them before, all being so familiar yet so different having that Ramo Twist. All starters were perfect for what Filipino’s call ‘Pulutan’ which are finger foods during a drinking session, so they are even better when paired with an ice cold beer.

The Scotch Bonnet Wings (Spicy Miso Maple Wings) were so juicy! They had just about the perfect kick to it, and went well with the Miso Maple sauce, I could order more! Karaage Chicken are always one of the staple starters when having Japanese food, in order to add that Filipino twist however, they marinated it Toyomansi Sauce, a mix of Calamansi Citrus and Soy Sauce which is a staple Filipino sauce, these two staples make a perfect combination to please the palette.

For those without the taste for chicken, they also have Seafood starters available! I had a mouth full and several more wished mouth fulls of Prito Pusit which translate to fried squid or fried calamari to be more familiar. These little bites are very pleasing to the appetite and leave you wanting more. There was also the very well present Miso Bake Shrimp Gyozas which are Shrimp Gyozas coated in melted cheese and bechamel white sauce, the thickness of the sauce couples with the softness of the Gyozas were absolutely mouth watering, and was a good cleanse before the mains.

Personal Favourite.

My personal favourite was the Spicy Miso Maple Wings, as well as the Karaage Toyomansi Chicken. As a lover of chicken wings these truly captured my heart (and tongue) and were the perfect starters before the storm that was the spectacular Ramen.

The Ramen

The first of the illustrious Ramo Ramen was the Chicken Sopas Ramen. For those that don’t know, Chicken Sopas is a Classic Creamy Filipino dish usually made on the days when our mothers would like to warm us up, so it comes from the heart and this dish captures that. Typically Chicken Sopas is made with Macaroni Pasta and leans more closer towards a chicken soup. To our surprise Ramo Ramen managed to translate the classic dish into a Ramen dish, and very successfully may I add. It had the creaminess and the taste that the classic had, as well as the important succulent and tender chicken to go with the soup. Rather than indulging the Macaroni Pasta, we were instead slurping on well made Ramen noodles, salted eggs and seaweed. This was also so much too process in a good way, as it had The familiar Japanese Ramen Experience, but  it also brought back memories of home through the familiar taste of Sopas. This wasn’t simply just Sopas in a different form, it was a new experience and unique dish all together.

The Dessert

For Dessert we had the Classic Filipino Favourite:

The Mango Pie

Another classic favourite they are bringing from the Philippines, is the Mango Pie. No where else in London would you be able to find and taste this great dessert. Made popular by the Filipino fast food chain Jollibee, the pie exists outside of the typical mango pie dish, and instead lives in a light, flakey and crispy pastry pocket. Taking a bite into the outer goodness, reveals a rush of warm tropical mango glory, which indulges your taste buds and sends you off into a trance.  I wanted more, but alas, they were all out, as everyone had enjoyed every last piece. A very sweet ending.

Until we meet again Mango Pie.


It was a refreshing twist to the usual Japanese Ramen you can find in London. Ramo Ramen is ready to take Filipino Food into new heights, ready to spread the food culture to London Town. With fair prices, friendly staff and great food, Ramo Ramen is going to be a hot spot, and should be on the top of your lists of restaurants to visit.