Pimp My Ramen – Filipino Ramen Burger

Pimp My Ramen: Londons Filipino Ramen Burger

Pimp my ramen was one of the most unexpected hidden gems i’ve ever come across. Without any knowledge of it, i stumbled across their stall tucked away in Greenwich Market while exploring the area. I was so ecstatic when finding out that they offered a dedicated filipino twist to the ramen burger. 100% that was what i was going to have from the market.

For those that haven’t heard, a Ramen Burger is similar to a usual burger, but unlike a normal burger, it’s patties are substituted by Ramen Noodles

The burgers they had available at the time were:

Classic Ramen Burger which was an Aberdeen beef Ramen Burger with Montery Jack Cheese.

Filipino Style Pulled Pork  a Filipino inspired braised pork shoulder and a choice of house sauces.

Indian Veggie a Ramen Burger suitable for vegetarians, which had an indian inspired patty and ramen buns.

Monster which had Aberdeen Angus Beef and Pulled Pork. Mmmmmm

Price wise, it was light on the wallet and was definitely worth the price, the cheapest burger being £5 and most expensive one being £9 at the time. It was definitely worth for not only the taste, but also to support for Filipino Food and the community as a whole.

I opted for the Filipino Style Braised Pork Shoudler. Yummy.

Filipino Style Pulled Pork

The Filipino Style Pulled Pork, consisted of the signature Ramen Bun, Filipino Braised pork shoulder, some shredded lettuce and cucumber, topped with egg, and a your choice of sauce, i opted for the house special chilli sauce.

Upon taking a the first bite there was an explosion of flavour and texture, from the crunch of the fried ends of the ramen bun, to the tender and juicy braised pork. The braised pork shoulder was so flavourful and was followed by a nice kick from the spicy sauce. Overall it was such a well made ramen burger, and it hit all the best points of a Ramen Burger, and the Filipino the taste. I recommend you trying it some day!

London Filipino Food Culture

Culturally, its refreshing to see that Filipino Fusion Food is ever present in London, and on the rise too. It was even better when I found out that Pimp My Ramen has been a staple in Greenwich market for several years, and that individuals from all walks of life have been getting to enjoy it.

The fact that as a Filipino living in London for many years, it was crazy that this was the first time I ever heard of Pimp My Ramen, and how its been continually contributing to putting Filipino food in the map for London. It goes to show that more and more Filipino Eats are popping up in London, yet not everyone actually gets hear about it, so many hidden gems to be found. I hope that there starts to be more awareness of such places, through social media, blogs and vlogs, and we should all support all the pioneers that are pushing Filipino Food into London.

You can find Pimp My Ramen in Greenwich Market, it opens most days at 10am. Visit their Facebook and follow them on Instagram!

What are you waiting for?! Go give them a visit!