One thing I love about being in London (or any city for that matter) is the seemingly endless supply of things to do. It was 11 am, I was sitting at my desk thinking about the couscous I was to eat for lunch in an hours time when this happened..

Now I’m definitely not one to shy away from impromptu dinner plans, especially when it’s 50% off!

Gunpowder is an Indian style restaurant and they just opened their second location right by Tower Bridge; so before you even get to sit down and try the food you’re met by scenes of the beautiful city of London.

Even though a lot of the menu consists of “small dishes” we were definitely stuffed from the sheer amount that we ordered. Fifteen (yes 15!) dishes are more than enough for 3 people. Here are some of my favourite dishes from the night..

This was definitely my favourite dish and it was a salad! This peanut and chickpea salad was like the glorified pinch of salt you added to every bite of the meal. I pretty much had a bit of this between every other dish. Incredibly flavoursome and the texture worked with everything, you could almost say it was a delicious palette cleanser. I’d definitely order more than one of these next time!

peanut and flat chickpea chaat

This succulent lollipop chicken..

Chicken is always something to be weary about, no one likes dry chicken. But that piece of chicken definitely still had it’s juices and you know that bit of leg had been marinating in those spices for a while. Flavour was definitely enriched throughout.

Sweet baby ribs

The only word that I can use to describe these ribs is sweet. Simply just sweet. That sauce, thick and sweet. It got to the point where I used the remaining sauce to cover the rice I had. My sweet tooth was definitely grateful. (warning: it MAY be too sweet for some)

chicken lollipop madras style

nagaland house crispy pork ribs w/ tamarind kachumber

Now, by the time it got to dessert I was already bursting at the seams so I let the ladies tackle the bread and butter pudding (plus I don’t eat custard)!

old monk rum bread and butter pudding

“It was very stodgy but that good ‘ol bread and butter stodgy. It was a cleaner yet more sophisticated version of your nans bread and butter pudding – but with rum.

The custard and ice-cream combo surprisingly worked! The ice-cream really balanced the richness of the custard. I enjoyed it because it was sweet enough to hit the spot!”Caroline

Special mentions go to the kashmiri lamp chops and the paturi maach (mustard steamed fish in banana leaf).

The “you-wont-miss-much-if-you-dont-order” dish is definitely the calamari. Get yourself another peanut and chickpea salad instead. Seriously.

Hop down to Gunpowder and try it all for yourself, although be warned, tables fill up very quickly so get there early or prepare to queue!

Their second location is at 4 Duchess Walk, London, SE1 2SD and you can check them out @gunpowder_london