I love food. I love going out for food. I love what it can enable. It can be a source of sustenance and energy as well as enabling a shared experience like no other. Some of the best moments I’ve had involve great friends, good conversations and a table full of food; and that is exactly what happened earlier.

Residing at the heart of Kentish Town Road for over thirty years lies Bintang, a family owned pan-Asian restaurant which caters for food from all over East Asia. Countries such Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Vietnam are in the mix but ultimately they specialise in popular Filipino dishes.

As someone who enjoys trying food from different cultures this was such an enjoyable experience getting a feel and taste of the Philippines.

The team had the opportunity to go sample out some of the incredible menu pieces over at Bintang along with PM21AM, Lovely Monique, JayCee & Iseowl and we all left satisfied, full and with a greater appreciation for good cooking.

Let’s kick things off with the starters; Prawn Crackers with a Sweet Chilli Dip. A great way to start any meal, particularly when you’re peckish. The Sweet Chilli definitely balanced out the lightly spiced crackers – was a shame there wasn’t more, could definitely eat plenty of those.

The vegan option, the Szechuan Jackfruit Nuggets were seasoned, spiced and then fried. If i’m honest they were cut a bit too thick for my liking. Made it a bit harder for me to chew through so thinner and possibly smaller pieces would’ve been ideal but a great non-meat choice nonetheless.

Szechuan Jackfruit Nuggets

Chicken Liver Popcorn

A plate of small piece meats was presented to us, dressed in sriracha mayo. These crispy and tasty bits of meat were none other that the Chicken Liver Popcorn.

I’ve definitely left the best starter to last because GOOD LORDDDDD those Korean Chicken Wings were phenomenal. It’s no surprise that these were the unanimous favourite by a long shot from the team.

So soft. So sweet. So tender.

Korean Chicken Wings

It was hard to pick which of the two flavours we preferred the most; the Buffalo Bintang and Sweet Adobo were both incredible and is definitely a choice you should get if you’re there!

The Filipino milk fish, Bangus, was a nice change to all the meats that were present. Marinated in vinegar and various spices and then served with a fresh papaya salad and drizzled with a herb and lime sauce. Fruity and fresh!

Bangus, Filipino Milk Fish

We were fortunate enough to have Head Chef Moya come out and tell give us a rundown of the mains he prepared for us. Can I just say those Lamb Ribs…my gosh. Those ribs were fantastic, so succulent, so full of flavour. Bathed in a banana-ketchup-barbeque type sauce which worked so well and prepared so tenderly that it so easily fell off the bone. Iseowl described them as “simply rib-diculous” and I couldn’t agree more.

Lamb Ribs

The Lamb Shoulder Adobo is a definite must try. Although a tad salty, Chef Moya explained that this is due to the lamb shoulder being slow cooked for five-hours in soy sauce, vinegar and coconut milk. However it’s almost as if it was destined to be paired with the Garlic Rice, it perfectly balanced out the adobo. Make sure you get the rice with it!

As you can imagine we were pretty damn stuffed by the time we had eaten all this and it didn’t stop us from heading next door to Mamasons to get some incredible deserts afterwards. The icing on the cake to round off a truly pleasant meal.

I don’t think i’ve ever gone to a restaurant and been so thoroughly impressed; the atmosphere, the food, heck even the Yuzu Lemonade is highly noteworthy. I’d recommend heading over before they get completely booked for Christmas.

Yuzu Lemonade

Get down to Bintang at 93 Kentish Town Road, London, NW1 8NY. Check out their website for more info. @bintang_restaurant