Summer Outfit Diary 2018


When I was younger I would often visit Southend-on-Sea with my family. I loved everything about the place; from the seaside, the rides and the old penny arcades.

Ten years later and surprisingly everything was still in the same place! I was so happy on this day, just from walking around, feeling nostalgic. I went for this colourful casual outfit that I think would be perfect for any summer date.

PRIMARK denim shorts

ASOS sunglasses

BOOHOO bardot top



This summer, I visited the beautiful city of Nice, South of France, along with some of my favorite people; Paolo, Grace, and Karyen. Keep an eye out for more details about our Nice trip in my next travel post 😉

In this outfit, I wore a white ruffled tee with a blue denim dress. The scarf kept my hair up and added a nice pop of colour to the outfit. Unintentionally, I dressed like the French flag.

NEW LOOK denim dress (sold out)

PRIMARK white tee

PRIMARK sunglasses

F21 scarf

NIKE Blazer Low


Beach day! If you know me well, you would know that I’m a real water baby.  Find me on a sandy beach and be sure I’d be in a really good mood.

To be honest, my summer body is still pending, so no bikini pics for now…Instead here’s my outfit on the way to the beach! I really loved the colours of this striped top and it was so easy to throw over my bikini. I put on some good’ol black high waisted shorts and my trusty backpack to keep all my beach essentials.


F21 black high-waisted shorts

RADLEY backpack


Narrow cobblestone streets, pastel-hued buildings, and lively markets, Old town Nice is a place you wouldn’t want to leave. I especially loved wandering around in the afternoon during golden hour and seeing the warm glow of the buildings.

This place is so bright and full of colour that I wanted to reflect this in what I was wearing.  I went for an effortless playsuit with a vibrant floral print and finished off the look with a fedora hat.

NEWLOOK romper


RADLEY backpack


Recently, I went fruit-picking in Surrey. They grew all sorts of fruits, as well as veggies; from strawberries and currants to spinach and sweetcorn.

In this outfit, I am channeling my inner country girl. I went for this light gingham blouse as it gave me major scarecrow vibes! I just paired it with some simple white shorts and white trainers, and to complete my farmer look, I wore an old straw hat which really helped shade my face from the sun all day.

PRIMARK shorts

UNIQLO blouse

NIKE blazer low

DAD’S straw hat

That’s it for my favourite outfits this season.  I love dressing up in the summer where you can wear much lighter and colourful items.  There’s only a couple of weeks left till summer officially ends so definitely make the most of it and be bolder with what you wear!

I hope this will give you some inspo for what to wear for your summer outings. If you liked this post, keep an eye out for future outfit diaries!