Mamasons: Dirty Filipino Ice-Cream

Dirty Ice-cream is what Filipinos use as a term for Ice cream street vendors back home in the motherland. As kids, Filipinos would light up in delight upon seeing a vendor roll up on the street with delicious Filipino Ice cream. Originally opened at Kentish Town Road, they have opened the second location in the heart of Chinatown, London.

You can grab your self a scoop of Filipino flavours. The flavours as of this writing are:

UBE: A filipino classic, which is a sweet purple yam.

BLACK BUKO: The trendy charcoal ice cream with a taste of coconut

QUESO: It may sound wierd, but its a Filipino favourite; Cheese ice cream.

GUYABANO: A sweet tropical fruit, popular amongst Filipinos.

CALAMANSI: A citrus fruit cultivated in the Philippines.

And they also continue to update the menu with limited time flavour releases.

Other than Ice cream, expect another Filipino street classic: The Bilog. Which is Ice cream inside a lightly toasted sweet Pandesal Filipino bread. It’s an experience and taste that everyone needs to try at least once. I recommend getting the Ube filling, but you can’t get any of the ice cream flavours they offer.

You can also grab the Filipino staple: Halo Halo which is a mixture of crushed ice, evaporated milk and Filipino sweet ingredients like beans, coconut jellies, tapioca and many other fruits.

They also sell Buko Pie, a coconut pie, and also the GLORIOUS Ube Donuts, both only sold on weekends. Occasionally they also do promotions where they release a new dessert for a limited time. So get them while they’re hot!

Mamasons will surely excite your taste buds. For Filipinos, it will bring back memories, and for new comers to the Filipino taste: a new mind and mouth boggling experience.

Along with the great desserts, Mamasons are also bringing along a great community to Chinatown (They garnered a huge line of excited individuals on opening day) . Mamasons has the most delightful and friendliest staff, to make you feel like family outside the comfort of your home.